Recipe of Me


By Kendra Bova

I’m a born and bred Florida girl taking the north by storm…one healthy recipe at a time (with a dollop of fitness). I’m a senior at The George Washington University with a love for all aspects of health. Hence, my major in Exercise Science. Growing up in an Italian home with family in the restaurant business forced me to learn self-control so I wouldn’t start to look plump like mozzarella Carrozza. (This Italian fried mozzarella sandwich was my favorite growing up…swallow, my mouth is watering too!) My goal is to provide you with fitness tips as well as simple, cheap, and nutritious ways to fill up your belly with satisfaction so when you crave more, it won’t be the worst thing! Keep up to date with Spoonfuls of Shape to get your body on the right track. And it is okay to have a sweet tooth. I sure do.

Contact me with any questions, comments, or request topics for future posts! 

Kendra Bova at


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