Baked Apples Galore

appleIt finally feels like fall. Too much like fall if you ask me, though. My Florida genes are begging me to hide out from the brisk temperature so, this weekend I decided to celebrate the season with a baked apple cobbler! It’s the perfect dessert for cozy nights! Top it off with some frozen Greek yogurt or go all out and serve it à la mode. It’s quick to put together, the ingredients are inexpensive (you probably have most of them in your kitchen right now – I did) and it will leave you more than satisfied.


2 large apples, halved and cored (Pink Ladies are my go-to)

2 tbsp. butter, melted

2 tbsp. brown sugar

2 tbsp. flour

4 tbsp. dry oats

2 tbsp. almonds, crushed

2 tbsp. dried cranberries

1 tbsp. cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350*

Cut apples in half and remove core

In a bowl, mix: butter, brown sugar, flour, oats, almonds, dried cranberries, & cinnamon

Place mixture on top of apple halves

Sprinkle with cinnamon

Bake for ~30 minutes

Top with frozen Greek yogurt and dig in!


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