Game Plan for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl XLVII is around the corner. Whether you’re rooting for the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, or Beyonce’s half-time show  (OOPS- I said it!), you will get lured in by the game day spread of snacks. Don’t let the enticing smorgasbord of beer, wings, and nachos be the demise of those New Years resolutions that are now taking a backburner to daily temptations.


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The goal isn’t to completely cut out all this yummy food. It’s all about moderation! The dangers of snacking is clear in the US Calorie Control Council’s estimation that the average American consumes 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacking.  I have provided you with a few easy-peasy pie tips to keep you from consuming mindless amounts of calories during the game.

  1. Start your day out right by waking up earlier than normal and fit in an effective yet enjoyable means of exercise, whether it be yoga, bike riding, or the dreaded treadmill.
  2. Stick to your regular eating pattern– don’t starve yourself just so you can eat those few extra chicken wings. While a few hour splurge on your favorite foods may not do much harm, you don’t want that uncomfortable feeling afterwards—eeeks!
  3. Most importantly, eat a high protein snack beforehand in order to keep your belly full for a longer duration to reduce the temptations (even just a little will help!). Try eating a cup of low fat cheese with fruit to incorporate protein plus slow digesting fiber= perfect combo!

Don’t want to feel like the odd one out when everyone’s diving in for the goodies? Check out my lean vegetarian protein White Bean Dip with Pita Chips recipe to bring along with you to the party. And if nothing else, stay away from those saucy calorie filled condiments and keep your distance from those beers!


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